“ People will never forget

   how you made them feel. ”

            - Maya Angelou  



Our Apricot Body Oil from Eminence Organics will continue to hydrate and gently soothe your skin long after you leave your Monet Massage.




Full Body Relaxation Massage 60 minutes $98


Treat yourself to the ultimate spa relaxation experience. Swedish techniques help relieve muscular tension to improve circulation for optimal tissue and joint health.


Hot Stone Massage 75 minutes $120.00


An all over body massage with smooth, heated stones used to warm muscles and relieve tension.


Coconut Stem Massage 60 minutes $120.00


Cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin with this relaxing deep heat massage.

Couples Massage 60 minutes $170.00


Two sixty minute massages performed side by side.

Full Body Bronzing 45 minutes $70.00


Gentle exfoliation with Eminence Organic sugar Scrub followed by professional appication of Vita Liberata tanning mousse.


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